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steve van wyk

Background: Osteopath (DO), Personal Training, Muscle Activation Techniques Rx Certified, Applied Kinesiology, TRX, Kettlebell, Resistance Band, ELDOA
With close to 20 years in the industry, Steve’s passion is his time with you. His clients range from all age levels; people from chronic and acute injury to sport performance to those just wanting to get in shape. His extensive knowledge in anatomy gives him a greater understanding of how the body works, guiding you in your journey to better wellbeing. Steve works with clients who want to heal, train through injury or just thrive!

sonja beaudoin

Background: B. Sc. in Exercise Science, Certified Yoga Teacher, Polestar Pilates Certification, Soma Training

Sonya has been Personal Training and teaching yoga for over 20 years. She has taught yoga and fitness in several gyms, yoga studios, and many corporations. Her approach to exercise has always been to understand the unique and intricate details of how the body work. She teaches people how to move consciously in order to listen and respect their bodies’ needs. She wants her clients to cultivate self-love, care, and respect for their incredible bodies and learn how to take the best care of it.

Lucas Hallais
Background: Minor in Kinesiology, Certified Personal Trainer through ISSA & NASM, Precision Nutrition Certification

With over 10 years’ experience training and helping dozens of clients lose weight and keep it off, Lucas leverages his experience in Sports Psychology, Kinesiology and Holistic Nutrition to help his clients re-establish their relationship to exercise and food. He coaches clients to expand their self-awareness and overcome personal obstacles! 

Shantal Nicole

Background: Contemporary dance and Pilates. In addition to working as a choreographer and dancer, she has explored several related bodywork techniques including Feldenkrais, tai chi, yoga, Tibetan rituals, Thai massage, the Penchenat Table, Flamenco… and Pilates.

After an injury and two pregnancies, Shantal rediscovered the potential of Pilates and completed her training with Education Polestar. Her work with osteopaths and her additional training courses inspired her to develop a more therapeutic and personalized approach to fitness.

Using Pilates, Shantal brings a caring, creative understanding of body movements and a warm, positive atmosphere to her training sessions, with the aim of connecting with individuals through her teachings.

Grant Overcashier

Background: B. A. in Health & Human Biology, CanFitPro Personal Training Specialist Certification, B. Sc. in Exercise Science, Athletic Therapist

Grant’s background as both a wrestling coach and medical scribe fed his passion for preventative health. Upon arriving to Canada he received his Personal Training Certification and has completed a degree in Exercise Science, fully certifying himself as an Athletic Therapist. He’s your guy if you’re looking to get stronger and better conditioned in a fun and athletic way.

Scott Chapman

Background:30 years as a senior executive in the financial and health/wellness industries, Scott understands the important role that fitness plays in coping with everyday stress and the negative health impacts of a hectic and often sedentary lifestyle.

As a Certified Level 2 Boxing Trainer with years of experience competing in a multitude of sports, Scott is looking to share his passion for Boxing, Fitness and Health. His years of experience teaching boxing began when his daughter accompanied him to the boxing gym and mimicked what he was doing. This led to numerous boxing training sessions with her, other family members and friends. 

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